3Minit battery mod

Current version: 2.2

This mod allows you to view over 1000 different battery types for your device. Then with a simple click the battery will be downloaded and optionaly stored to the device, once downloaded it sets it`s self on to the statusbar.

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You can find out how to install and use this mod


If you alrrady know how to do this then just head on over to the downloads page to get the files needed to get going!

3Minit Quick Launch

Current version: 1.1

This mod will add a customizable panel of quickly accecable apps to your dropdown notification bar. It can be place in any location for convinience, and apps can easily be removed or rearranged to suit your needs.

There is also an app availible for purchace for 1 AUD that allows you to:

  • Show, hide app name text
  • Change the number of visible buttons
  • Show, hide the quicklaunch panel
  • Place a devider between items
  • Show, hide the add shortcut button
  • Set a background image or colour
  • Change the app name text size
  • Support development of this and further mods
  • More

3Minit Apk Deodexer Mac (BETA)

Current version: 0.1

This app allows you to easily and rapidly deodex your apk and jar files. It is multi threading enabled and will use all availble threads for turbo speeds.

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  • Easily updated
  • Multi thread enabled
  • Auto generates the output path
  • Gets the api level automatically to avoid user error
  • Many more!