Smartphones have come a long way from being just a cellular phone that can perform basic functions of a computer such as browsing the web, running applications, and more. The smartphones of today can even be argued as a legitimate replacement for digital cameras and portable gaming consoles to some. The evolution of smartphones (even tablets) is so fast that more and more features are being added every other upgrade cycle.

And one feature that’s starting to become a default feature to most high-end smartphones of today is the fingerprint scanner. The Motorola Atrix 4G was the first smartphone to sport this feature back in 2011, but didn’t get much popularity since it doesn’t make sense back then. But today where most people use their smartphones/tablets as a storage for personal stuff (such as digital documents, photos, videos), that fingerprint scanners started to become an essential feature.

Having said that, expect more and more Android smartphones/tablets in the future to sport a fingerprint scanner as the next version of Android will have native support for the said feature. With native support, even mid-range phones are expected to have fingerprint scanners giving people on a budget more options to choose from.

The Android M Developer Preview is now out for developers and enthusiasts, so excpect the final version to start rolling out in the near future. We’ll keep you updated.