After a few months of uncertainty wether Xposed Framework will be made to work on Android Lollipop or not, developer rovo89 finally announced that the popular mod can still work on the latest version of Android.

For those who needs an introduction, Xposed Framework is the simplest and most flexible option of modifying your android device. All you need is root, and you’re ready to mod your device away with countless Xposed Framework modules. It has been one of the most popular option for Android enthusiasts as it’s more user-friendly than installing custom roms/mods/themes.

rovo89 stated that it took long to add the compatibility for Android Lollipop as there are other issues that needs to be addressed such as stricter SELinux policies, and 64-bit architecture changes.

An even more good news is that all existing modules for Xposed Framework will still work as the Xposed API is pretty much unchanged where it makes all details abstract so it does not matter if your device runs on Dalvik or ART.

Being the first release for a major Android update, the new Xposed Framework is obviously in Alpha stage, where it seems to boot loop on Samsung stock ROMs and some other hiccups like the need to install the framework again to get the XposedBridge version must be 61.

You can find more details about Xposed Framework for Lollipop on its official thread in XDA. Happy flashing!