It’s Official: Android ‘M’ is Marshmallow

It’s Official: Android ‘M’ is Marshmallow

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Everyone have guessed it for three months, and now it’s finally official. Android M’s name is Marshmallow. And what better way to make it known to the world by unveiling a statue of Android hugging a Marshmallow at its Mountain View campus earlier today.

And now that we have an official name for Android’s next version, it only means that the official Android 6.0 SDK is out as well to prepare for its much-awaited release.

Android Marshmallow 2

Android Marshmallow will be bringing along updates that most consumers have asked before such as being able to control application permissions and native support for the 64-bit ARMv8 architecture and fingerprint scanner which will make it a lot easier for both the manufacturers and app developers.

Android Marshmallow is expected to be released next month along with the next-generation of Nexus devices. We’ll keep you updated.