Google Nexus 9 Receives Official CyanogenMod Support

Google Nexus 9 Receives Official CyanogenMod Support

If you’re a Google Nexus 9 owner who’s into further customizing your device by flashing custom ROMs, you’re in for a treat as CyanogenMod has boarded ship and just rolled out its first nightly for the device.

As if a having a Nexus 9 that runs on vanilla stock isn’t enough, CyanogenMod 12 brings you the same ‘stocky’ feel but with some heavy customizations.

And for those who aren’t familiar, CyanogenMod is the ‘GOAT’ of all third-party ROMs out there which is based on AOSP, thus freeing your device from all OEM and carrier bloatwares. It has a wide library of customizations, and can be updated OTA as well. What’s not to love?

It’s a given though that it has some bugs here and there as most nightlies would have, but CyanogenMod has shown consistency with its updates so it’ll come around with a stable release sooner or later.

You can find all CM 12 releases for the Nexus 9 on this link, and like we always say, make sure to create a backup of your system and important data first before installing the ROM. Happy flashing.